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We aren't very fancy here at Vegetable Seed Warehouse. Our website isn't flashy and our seed packets don't have pretty pictures on them, but our prices reflect our simplicity. We love gardening and we want to provide you with top quality untreated heirloom vegetable seeds. No GMO seeds here!

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Vegetable and Herb Seeds Selected Especially for your Southern USA garden—zones 7-9

Seeds for the South
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1. Start your own plants from seed so that you can choose the best tasting varieties.  Heirloom tomato seeds usually produce the best tasting tomatoes.  Similarly heirloom vegetable seeds usually produce the best tasting vegetables.  

2. Start tomato seeds about 8 weeks before the last frost.  If you live in the South, start some later, too for a Fall crop. 

3. Use commercial seed starting mix or potting soil mixed with an equal amount of vermiculite, perlite or peat moss.  Cover tomato seeds no more than 1/4 inch deep.

4. Use recycled containers. Like yogurt cups for seed starting.  Be sure to punch a hole in the bottom for drainage.  Use the lids also to keep the seeds moist until germination.

5. Put the seed containers on top of the refrigerator or water heater to keep the soil warm to aid germination.  Optimum soil temperature for tomato seed starting is 80 degrees.  Be sure to remove any covers as soon as the tomato seeds germinate and move the cups to a sunny window or grow under florescent lights. 

6. About 3 weeks after the tomato seeds germinate start fertilizing with a very week solution of  fish fertilizer (about 1/4 strength) or other liquid fertilizer.  Mix with rain water or filtered water for best seed starting results.  Let the top of the soil dry out between waterings. 

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